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The Pre-Primary Section nurtures students in the formative years of their life by inculcating the qualities of curiosity, exploration and discovery in a fun filled, safe and happy learning environment.

The curriculum makes use of a range of individual and group activities which create a lively and positive learning environment. Games, Songs, Story Telling, Role Playing, Drawing and Colouring develop their foundational skills in literacy and numeracy. Children are encouraged to play, explore and discover through Dance, Music, Art and Craft. Singing, Rhyming and Reciting are part of the language, arts and phonic programme. Smart board teaching is highly effective for learning. Sports help in strengthening their motor skills.

Picnics and Field trips enhance understanding of their surroundings. Celebration of Festivals teaches them about tradition and culture. Competitions and Annual Day Celebrations develop their self confidence.

Principal’s Message

Tanya Pullat


Preschool is not just about ABC’s and 123’s, it is the foundation of critical thinking and problem solving. It is not just play. It is purposeful play.

The Preschool years before school matters even more. Research has shown that the human brain is more receptive in the first five years of life. The mind of the child at this age is like a sponge and it absorbs everything. Therefore children who attend Preschool have better Pre-reading, Math and Science skills than those kids who did not attend Preschool.

These initial years are an ideal time to engage a child’s mind and create a foundation of learning and growth. This will help them academically, socially and emotionally, not only for school but for life.

At St. John International School, we ensure that the children are involved in all kind of activities in their Preschool years which creates an overall development that will impact the child’s intelligence as well as the child’s personality, later in life. And so our motto says – Growing up with Learning is Fun.


Jr. K.G.(Mont.II)

Sr. K.G.(Mont.III)

Nursery (Mont.I)

Institute Programs


  • Modern Infrastructure
  • Well-Equipped Laboratories
  • Digital Smart Classroom
  • Indoor & Outdoor sports
  • Highly Experienced faculties
  • Latest & updated Academic Curriculum
  • Affordable Fee Structure

Extra Curricular Activities

  • Games
  • Songs
  • Story Telling
  • Role Playing
  • Drawing and Colouring
  • Sports

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