Modern Infrastructure

The green lush Campus has top-notch infrastructure that facilitates teaching, research, consulting and other professional activities. With Digital Classrooms, the Teaching-Learning process has been elevated to new levels that were previously unavailable for students in the area. The Campus has multiple libraries to provide extensive literature on all aspects of academics and research.

Well-Stocked Library

The Library of the campus is well-resourced and aesthetically designed for all the institutes. All the libraries are well ventilated with colourful furniture that creates an inviting ambience for the young readers. These libraries have dedicated high-speed internet browsing facilities for the students to access various online resources.

Well-Equipped Laboratories​​

The campus Labs are well-equipped with updated equipment and facilities based on the latest technology pertaining to different sectors.

Digital Smart Classroom

The spacious well-ventilated classrooms with natural light, provide a conducive environment for learning. Every classroom has audio-visual facilities including LIVE Streaming of classroom teaching, a public address system, display boards, lockers for students and ergonomically designed age-appropriate furniture.